PliablePress Went Live With Chameleon Framework And Many Themes

PliablePress Went Live With Chameleon Framework And Many Themes

PliablePress, a WordPress project created by the author of Pro Blog Design, Michael Martin, recently went live today after a long time awaiting. PliablePress project comes with its WordPress theme framework – Chameleon and a bunch of themes.

The Chameleon theme framework and its themes are very friendly and easy to use for both beginners and advanced users. They have good design, supports social networking and have a cool theme option panel. The PliablePress’s themes helps you to control many elements on the blog via theme option panel just by drag and drop. You can check the video of theme option to see it in action.

PliablePress Themes

PliablePress is offering 4 themes and Chameleon framework. These are their screenshots:

Creative Soul

PliablePress Creative Soul Theme

Creative Soul Minimal

PliablePress Creative Soul Minimal Theme


PliablePress Oracle Theme


PliablePress Backdrop Theme


PliablePress Chameleon Theme


The $30 coupon expires in about 30 hours now, so you’ll need to act quick! When you sign up, just enter this coupon: LAUNCHDAY.

If the $30 expires though, don’t worry, PliablePress is still offering $25 off until the end of next week so you can still make a big saving!

In that case, just enter this coupon on the signup page: LAUNCH2010.

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