Look4WP Updated, Including Autocomplete, Google Results And Top Searched

Two months ago, I launched Look4WP – an URL shortener for WordPress Codex. Basically, it helps you to have a shortlink look4wp.com/register_post_type for Codex page of register_post_type function. To make the website easier to use, I’ve added some improvements recently.

1. Function autocompletion

It’s boring to type the whole function name into the text box, especially for long name function like wp_enqueue_script. With the autocompletion feature, you don’t need to remember exact name of the functions. Just type in and you’ll get a list of similar functions.

You’ll noticed that there’re some strange functions in the list. They aren’t shown in Codex as well. But I still list them here just in case we want to explore hidden WordPress features!

2. Google search results included

For the functions that don’t have a Codex page, the website will show related Google search results from wordpress.org. You might see discussion in support forums, plugins or other related Codex page.

Look4WP Updates

3. Statistics: top searched functions

There’s a simple module for statistics for top searched functions from users. This will show what we usually need to find in the Codex. It’s quite useful because most of us share the same interests.

Hope you like it! Any feedback is welcomed.

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