7 steps of improving online reputation with blogging

Marketing executives and business owners spend huge energy and time in SEO and for various high-quality reasons, it is very easy to search on the net and translate into thousands of fresh visitors every day. Just imagine that when every any visitor enter the name of your business in any search engine like Bing, Yahoo or Google then he not only views the home page of your business but also sees lots of negative reviews or incorrect information of your business. So what impact this will create on the visitor’s mind. Do you think that he will visit your business site again? Or you will gain any profit with this online reputation??? I think NO!

7 steps of improving your online reputation with blogging

So maintaining and management of online reputation is very necessary and the below mentioned 7 steps are important in this area.

1. Frequently monitoring your online reputation

Reputation can’t be improves unless you don’t know where you stand. So always keep an eye on your online reputation.

2.Generate huge amount of contents on your brand and name

In online reputation, good defense is the best offence. I.e. more the contents that people will find about your business, more your reputation will increase and more you will gain profit. It means you must include new and interesting articles on your business website regularly so that crowd can find you around the globe.

3. Always concentrate on your firepower

Here I am talking about social media websites, you must not rush to join every social media site. Start from single site and regularly post your contents on it so that lots of people can visit your website. This will increase the traffic on your business website. And you must slowly increase your progress, this will not increase the burden on you but it will increase yours reputation.

4. Always pay attention on the names of domain

Now here again we encounter an overlap in SEO and management of online reputation. But it helps in snapping an apparent name of domain that will do a lot with your company, your brand and you. With the help of search engine you not only match up with your competitors but also any person can’t register the site which is similar to yours.

7 steps of improving your online reputation with blogging

5. Whenever possible, find a good press

Always try to do a public presentation and do a strong work in your business. Doing charitable work is also a good way of making a good press. With all this attention, people will feel good about you and your reputation will increase highly. You can also make links on search engine sites and many more…

6. Never leave your online reputation up for debates

According to experts, Wikipedia page will help a lot in making an online reputation. This page will help in making your unhappy customers happy and increase your online reputation.

7. Making an army of true friends and fans

Your visibility on social media site can be increased with the army of true friends and fans. You can do this by going above, beyond the expectation of your customer.


Making online reputation is not much easy, but hope this facts will help you all in improving your online reputation and become more and more strong in the search engines. Though there is always a room for improvement just follow these steps and feel the magic.


  1. Reputation management does work. Although negative comments are pushed off the first page and still may be found on the second or third page. When I have a new client, before I charge them anything I will review the situation. I once had someone inquire about my services and the negative link they wanted to remove was from a major newspapers website. I told them it was most likely not going to be realistic to remove it from the first page and would not take the clients money.

    A lot of times the negative reviews come from sites that allow people to give negative reviews to businesses with no merit. I’m not going to mention them by name, but there are tons of them. When I review a individuals or companies situation if I know it can be pushed off the first page we will proceed.

    There is a trust factor when hiring a reputation management company. For example, when I’m hired I will need to create at least one or more email accounts for the client and create some new accounts on the net for the purpose of creating positive links in the place of the negative one. Any company that doesn’t ask for this, I would be suspect of. You have to create new accounts for the client to remove bad links.

    Another strategy that has to be discussed before any work is done, is what kind of links would be acceptable to use to replace the bad links. In short, reputation management does work and is extremely valuable because potential customers will run if they see negative reviews, regardless if they are truthful or not.


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