7 Reasons Why Twitter Is Better Than Google Plus

After the launch of Google Plus most of the people start using it and quitted various other social media sites but after using Google Plus for few weeks people realizes that Google+ has various cons as compared to pros. After sometime the negative features of Big G come into eyes.

Social network downtime in 2008

It is true that Google Plus has various eye catchy features like Hangouts, Circles, UI but if we compare it with Twitter then it is true that Twitter is far more superior than Google Plus in every aspect. This is because people always demand for hot things as in Twitter. Some points of comparison among Twitter and Google Plus are:

  • The option of search provided in Google Plus is very much similar to a Friend Finder. So if we wish to search any post by our friend then we have to use take the help of Search Engine like Google. But apart from it Twitter’s search engine is very inspiring as it is very ideal and amenable.

  • Google Plus has a limit of only 5,000 connections but on the other hand Twitter has no limit of the count of followers or the people you are following. So here you can follow as many people as you want.

  • The main aim of Google Plus was to overpower the current leader of social media sites “FACEBOOK”. The Google Plus does not hold any character limit for the posts and status also the contents of the same are not clear and crisp. So for the people who demand precise reading Twitter is a good option than Google Plus.

  • It is very benefit for us that we can publish any posts along with links in Twitter. Every social media network holds this option but unfortunately Google Plus does not hold this useful feature.

Why Twitter is better than Google Plus

  • Our leading social media website TWITTER has almost every leading brand but Google Plus does not seems to have any business support. After the launch of Twitter, it becomes a very attractive business platform but Google Plus does not get any achievement in this field.

  • If you are posting on Twitter then it does not care that if you are making response to other’s post or if you wish to comment on the post that you had made in past. Here posting on your Twitter’s time line is sufficient and you can do this job in a reserved sequential order. But in this aspect Google Plus is very different. In Google Plus you can only make post on the feeds made by you or commenting can only be done on the feeds of other people. It simply means that only some part of your profile is shown on Google Plus i.e. it does not tell that how often you make posts etc.

Twitter is better than Google Plus

  • Looking at a glance at someone’s profile create a huge impact on the viewer’s mind. In this field Twitter is superb but Google Plus does not reveal any useful information about any people so people can’t make serious decisions of adding any people to their circles.

There is always a room for improvement but although at this era twitter is far better than Google Plus and hence it would be so lets tweet above the world.


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