How to add Official Google Buzz Button to your blog

posttobuzz How to add Official Google Buzz Button to your blog

Yesterday, Google has released the official buttons for sharing and following articles in Google Buzz. This is different from some hacks where Google Reader is used as the backend. The official buzz buttons allow you to copy-and-paste into your blogs and directly post your articles to Google Buzz.

To grab the code, go to , choose the Share button or Follow button.

You will see some options like button style, position of post count, language, … the code in the box below will change automatically accordingly your options. Just copy it and paste into you template file to show Buzz button.


If you’re using WordPress, open single.php file and paste code into it.

If you’re using Blogger, go to Layout → Edit HTML and tick the checkbox “Expand Widget Tempaltes“, then find:

<div class="post-header-line-1">

and paste the code below it.


  1. Buzzzzzzzzz…

    Wow, it’s been less than 4 years that Buzz has been lauch.


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