More data and charts in Top Search Queries in Google Websmaster Tools

Top Search Queries in Google Websmaster Tools is a great tool for discovering what keywords do visitors use to find our website, what is the website position in Seach Engine Result Pages (SERPs) with each keyword? Today, Google has improved the Top Search Queries page in Webmaster Tools to provide more data and charts for […]

WordPress plugin for building internal links

Internal links are links on your website that point to other pages of the website. Internal links is an important SEO factor, that helps search engines to understand website structure and index more pages of website. In this post, we will discover a WordPress plugin, Internal Link Building, for automatically linking between posts and pages […]

URL structure doesn’t affect PageRank

In an answer of a question on GoogleWebmaster channel on Youtube, MattCutts explains that Google doesn’t use URL structure as a PageRank factor. Google doesn’t worry very much about how deep a set of directories is. If a page with deep URL structure, and is linked by another page, it still gets pagerank from that […]

SEO: The right way to use H1 tag

The heading tags H1, H2, … are used to emphasize content and by this way improve SEO strength of website. The H1 tag, the most important tag, is usually used for main topic of the web page. It is recommended that we should use only one H1 tag on per page. This causes some different […]

Make rel=publisher Passed W3 Validator

rel=publisher is a HTML piece that makes Google recognize (by rich snippet parser) the publisher of current page in search result. Unfortunately, the common implementation of rel=publisher by <link> tag is not validated by W3 Validator. Although W3 validator is just a guide and we don’t have to follow 100%, but we should if we […]

Better way to display title meta tag

To display title meta tag in WordPress, we can use wp_title function. But it’s not enough if you want your theme SEO friendly. In TwentyTen, TwentyEleven and Underscores (_s) themes, WordPress team has tried to solve the SEO issue by using the following code: <title>< ?php /* * Print the <title> tag based on what […]

Website Promotion Tools

Your website is important to you, and you naturally want it to rank highly in search engine results. If you are a website host, especially one offering multiple domain web hosting, you will want to advise your clients of tools available to aid them in promoting their websites.

How To Add Canonical Link In Blogger

Canonical link is a link tag in the header of HTML document that tells search engines the preferred location of this url. Canonical link is an useful instruction for search engines to deal with duplicate content problems. If your site has identical or vastly similar content that’s accessible through multiple URLs, this format provides you […]