Grunt: Saving disk space when installing packages

I’ve been using Grunt for WordPress development for a while. It’s a great tool and help a lot in automation tasks like compiling LESS to CSS, minifying CSS/JS files, etc. But one problem I met when using Grunt is in every project I work on, there’s always a folder node_modules taking a lot of disk space (around 100MB). Thing is most projects use the same packages, same tasks, just different configuration. So I think it should be a way to share these packages between projects. Symlink is the first idea, but it requires too much work. Until now…

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Meta Box now has its own domain

My popular plugin Meta Box, a plugin that helps developers/users to create custom meta boxes and custom fields easily in WordPress now has its own domain: That website will be dedicated for Meta Box plugin and all its extensions. I’ll be adding more documentation on the website soon as well so developers can develop their own extensions.

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2 Small Secrets About WordPress

It was a stressful time for me in the last few months. Besides the regular freelance work, I and my WordPress team are trying to build a new business at (From Idea To WordPress) and (theme dedicated for “listsings” website like accommodations, tours, companies, rentals, …). And there’re a lot of work ahead.

But working with WordPress is always a great inspiration to me. There are moments to discover small things which are really interesting if you are passionate about it. Like the post title, I’ll share 2 such things that I just discovered in the last few days (there are a lot more before, unfortunately I didn’t note).

Quick search in Google Chrome

Assume you have a WordPress blog (like Deluxe Blog Tips). To find some content in the blog, you usually have to go the the blog homepage and type the keyword into search box. This takes times because you have to access your blog first. If you’re using Google Chrome (it’s my favorite browser because it has very easy to use Dev Tools), it can help you reduce redundant time by not accessing your blog and instead search right in the address bar.

Here is how to do that: At the address bar, type your domain and space, for example: (space)

You’ll see this in the address bar:

Google Chrome Quick Search

Google Chrome auto transforms what we type into a search command and dispplay “Search”. To continue search, just enter keyword, for example admin, the browser auto redirects to the correct search page on the blog

The good thing is Google Chrome doesn’t use its custom search functionality, like when we search a keyword in a website with command keyword. Here Google Chrome uses the blog search (e.g. WordPress search), the results are much more precise and reliable.

Bug of “nonexistent blog” in MultiSite

We know that to access the admin area of a blog in MultiSite, we have to go to the address To access the admin area of main blog in MultiSite, we have to go to

What will happen if we enter wrong BLOG-SLUG? Can we still access or will WordPress show us an error?

Logically, we think WordPress should show us an error like “Nonexistent blog”. But actually not! There are no errors at all. WordPress still allows us to access that address and you know what, that’s the admin are of main blog!

More special and more dangerous thing is any link in the admin area of this nonexistent blog works the same as in main blog, for example these links will work:

This is maybe a bug of WordPress. And if you meet this situation, I advice you to stay away, don’t do any action like edit posts, adjust settings, install plugins, … Who knows what happens after that!

I noticed this bug when one client accidentally sent me a link with wrong blog slug. At first, I thought that was a bug in my theme or plugin, but when tried with other MultiSite it happened the same. My luck!

Finally, hope you have great moments with WordPress and don’t economy your words to share them with everyone!

Tips to help you become a creative blogger

Blogging has now become a place for people to hang out and share their knowledge. Apart from this, blogging can also give you online recognition and at the same time you can make money online through blogging. But when it comes to start the blogging journey, many people get confused on what to write and how to write so that one can get maximum exposure. We will be discussing these facts here so that one can become a creative blogger and one would never think on what to write and what not.

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Successful Blog

How to create a successful Blog that gains popularity in quick time

Blogging is an art of writing, its quite similar to writing diaries. The only difference is we write diaries using pen, while blogging we use internet. Blogging allows us to share whatever we want to, it can be an article, a picture, video, song or whether just your plan for the whole day. It gives you the freedom to be what you want to be and it depends on how you want to present yourself in front of others. Anyone can start a blog, you don’t have to be a software engineer to do so.

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