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Removing “first” and “last” CSS classes in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, allowing us sell any kind of products online. It has almost everything an online store needs and doesn’t require much effort customising the store. When say customising, I mean WooCommerce has all the necessary pages in the front end for the store: the product archive page, the product details page, the cart and checkout page and they work as expected. However, being created for general store, it can’t satisfy all users and sometimes we need to customise WooCommerce for our specific needs.

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How to install WP-CLI on Windows

WP-CLI is an awesome command line tool for WordPress. It has a lot of commands that can help us installing plugins/themes, add posts, import/export data quickly and easily. I wrote about it once when I used it to create a staging environment for a WordPress website. That was on a Linux system. All the documentation on WP-CLI homepage are made for the Linux system and there’s only 1 line about the Windows system “limited support in Windows environment”.  But we can do a little work to make it work on the Windows system.

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Measure PHP project complexity and maintainability

I’m optimizing my Meta Box plugin and I need a way to measure the project’s statistics such as complexity and maintainability. After searching on Google, I found PHPMetrics, a wonderful project that can help me understand lots of key metrics for a PHP project. The result is displayed in a HTML report with some graphs and table of metrics which are very easy to understand. I tried using it with the Meta Box plugin and here is the result:

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