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How to hide password protected posts in WordPress

In WordPress, you can hide the content of a post by setting a password for it. Visitors are required to enter a password to continue reading the post content. This feature is useful in some situation, for example: you have a membership website, you create a password protected post and want to send it to your selected members only, so public users can’t read it. In this case, you need to hide the post in the WordPress loops to make it not listed in the Blog page or other archive pages. In this post, I will show you how to do that with a simple code snippet.

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Color Scheme

How to add Color Schemes to your WordPress theme

Color scheme is a collection of colors used in design for website elements (buttons, background, text, headings, etc.). Adding color schemes to your WordPress themes allows users to choose a preferred color set or custom colors for their website, make it personalized and different from other websites using the same theme. In this tutorial, I’ll take you step-by-step through the guide how to add color schemes to your WordPress theme and make them available for live preview via the Customizer. You will find the complete code at the bottom of the tutorial which is ready to integrate into any WordPress theme.

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Live chat plugins

Top Live Chat Plugins for your WordPress Site

If you have an online portal for your business or an online business/store itself, it is imperative to set up a live chat system that will allow your visitors to quickly get in touch with you. This can be done with live chat integration.

Allowing your website visitors to chat with you in real-time is a huge engagement booster you (and your business) will profit from in the long run: your visitors can directly get in touch with you, share feedback, ask their queries, and more. This boosts sales/leads by removing some roadblocks (doubts) users may have about your product/service.

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118+ free resources to learn JavaScript

In the last couple of years, JavaScript is always one of the most popular programming languages. In fact, it’s the top programming language on Github, according to the number of active repositories. JavaScript is a client-side programming language that runs inside a client browser and process commands on client computer rather than server. But since the born of Node.js, we can run JavaScript on the server and build websites or highly scalable web applications and software by JavaScript. There is no doubt that JavaScript will be the leading technology in the next several years.If you are looking to grow your career, or desire to work in IT field then you can’t miss out on Ja. It’s not only a great fun to learn JavaScript, but also a rewarding career with bright future prospects.

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