Meta Box now has its own domain

My popular plugin Meta Box, a plugin that helps developers/users to create custom meta boxes and custom fields easily in WordPress now has its own domain: That website will be dedicated for Meta Box plugin and all its extensions. I’ll be adding more documentation on the website soon as well so developers can develop […]

How to get page by page template in WordPress

There are situations when you need to redirect users to (or get something from, do something with) a specific page which is created by a page template in WordPress such as a thank you page after submitting a form. Unfortunately there’s no official ways to get the page with a page template name in WordPress […]

Understand is_front_page() and is_home() – Visual guide

Although these 2 functions are well documented in the Codex, sometimes I still feel confused about using them in a specific context. There’re also some good explanations as well, but they’re text and hard to remember! So I created a Google spreadsheet for quick reference that can help us to quick see which value is_front_page() […]

Why do I love Custom CSS module in Jetpack?

Made by Automattic, Jetpack is one of the most popular plugin for WordPress. It’s not only used on but also on millions of hosted blogs. I did use it when it was first born a long time ago and wasn’t too impressed. But now it has changed a lot and what it brings […]

WP Rocket Review: A Good Plugin For Website Performance

I’ve been a tester for WP Rocket plugin for months and feel great with it. I’m using it for DeluxeBlogTips and haven’t found any problems. It helps me a lot in optimizing website performance, so today I’m going to write a review to introduce this great plugin and share my opinions about WP Rocket.

How to get all registered menus in WordPress

It’s been a long time since last time I wrote about technical thing on this blog! But now I come back with a small tip of getting all registered menus in WordPress. Just a note: get all registered menus, not menu locations (for menu locations, WordPress already has a built in function – get_nav_menu_locations()). This […]

Things you can learn from 2014 theme

This is my small talk at the last Hanoi WordPress Meetup before the Lunar New Year! In this slide, I show some things that we can learn from 2014 theme from point of a developer. I don’t talk about design or responsive thing as people talked about that too much. I focus only on code, […]

Introducing Whisper – My First Premium WordPress Theme

I’ve been working as a freelancer for a long time. This is excellent progress to accumulate experience and it helps me a lot in being familiar with code of premium and free themes, frameworks and plugins. I’ve been learning and customizing them. Thanks for that knowledge, my team FitWP has built a theme framework and […]

2 Small Secrets About WordPress

It was a stressful time for me in the last few months. Besides the regular freelance work, I and my WordPress team are trying to build a new business at (From Idea To WordPress) and (theme dedicated for “listsings” website like accommodations, tours, companies, rentals, …). And there’re a lot of work ahead. […]