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Create staging environment for a WordPress site with WP-CLI

WP-CLI is amazing tools for WordPress developers. I’ve heard about it thousand times, but today is the first day I used it. After trying some methods to create staging environment for my WordPress website, I found that using WP-CLI¬†has big advantages and saves me a lot of time. In this post, I will demonstrate steps that I took to replicate a production environment to a staging environment.

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New plugin: User Visit Log

I’m developing a WordPress e-commerce website for a friend which serves only registered users, e.g. private clients. He wants to analyze his users to understand what they need, how they use the website and how helpful the website is for them. So I developed a custom plugin to track users visits by day and provide a custom analytic report to my friend and that’s how User Visit Log was born.

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Include post content in another post

There is a situation when we want to include post content in another post, page or elsewhere (like widgets). In my case, I’m using this popup plugin, which provides an editor for users to add popup content, but my client – who is not familiar with all settings – doesn’t want to use the settings page (which has a lot of things that he can’t understand) to add content. So I want to provide them an easier way to enter content for the popup and my solution is just utilize Page in WordPress.

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Best plugins to customize WordPress websites

When developing WordPress websites, it’s easy at the beginning to customize the website the way we want like adding custom CSS, changing text, adding¬†custom sidebars, etc. because we can touch the code directly. But as time passes by, the client wants us to change a little thing on the website. It can be easy enough to do just in 5 minutes, but opening the code editor, looking for required file, make change and upload is a long process. We need a faster way to make customization without touching code. This post is the list of useful plugins that can help to achieve that (I will keep updating the post whenever I see something useful).

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