Private Messages For WordPress

WordPress is going to be more and more popular blog platform. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to communicate between WordPress users until now. So I created the plugin Private Messages For WordPress for this purpose. The idea is taken from PM system of forums.

Private Messages For WordPress 90 out of 100 based on 10 ratings.
Plugin NamePrivate Messages For WordPress
Compatible up to3.4.2
Ratings 90/100
Last Updated2012-11-28 4:44am GMT

The Private Messages For WordPress allows users of WordPress blog send private messages (PM) to each other. Users will have their own inbox and outbox. Administrators of blog can control total numbers of items in mailbox of each user group (Administrator, Editor, Author, Constributor and Subscriber).

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For developers

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After created this plugin, I received some ideas and suggestions from kind people, who translated or made some useful changes to my plugin. So I want to give big thanks to:

  • for internationalization idea and Portuguese translation
  • Matthias Kretschmann: for icon design and German translation
  • Paperboy: for Swedish translation
  • Ivo Hajny: for Czech translation
  • liryk: for French translation
  • Huseyin Cahid Dogan: for Turkish translation
  • masya2000: for Russian translation
  • Christian: for Danish translation
  • Marcis Gasuns: for Belorussian translation
  • Rteelen: For Dutch translation3
  • Mostafa: for Persian translation
  • Enrico: for Italian translation
  • Web Hosting Geeks: for Romanian translation